Zero Stack and Fully Integrated in One

The New ZSI combines the best of the Zero Stack system with the fully integrated system by combining the cup with the cartridge bearing.

Gives you the sleek, clean look and weight savings of the integrated system with the protection of the Zero Stack system.

Fits 41mm x 47mm headtubes

Lightweight and strong duraluminum alloy construction

Tange Seiki exclusive EZ system on upper unit.

Tange Seiki specially designed ZSI adapter cups.

Technical Information

  Material   Height Information
Upper Unit A6061-T6 Light Alloy 13.0mm ID 28.8mm / Pre-assembled Compression ring & Seal ring
ZSI Cartridge Bearing x 2 SUJ2 Steel 8.7mm Insertion 41.0 +-0.025
Crown Cone SS41 Steel 4.6mm Insertion 30.0 +0 -0.1/ with Seal Ring