Cartridge Bearing Type

Lightweight and strong duraluminum alloy construction

Tange Seiki original sized 4T5 Cartridge Bearing

Fully Sealed Mechanism

Color variation: Silver, Black, Blue, Red, Gold, Green and etc…

Technical Information

  Material   Height Information
Top Cover A6061-T6 Light Alloy 6.4mm ID 28.8mm / Pre-assembled Seal ring
Compression ring A6061-T6 Light Alloy 7.3mm ID 28.6mm
Upper Stationary Cup A6061-T6 Light Alloy 20.9mm Insertion 34.0 +0.1 -0/ 12.5mm depth
Lower Stationary Cup A6061-T6 Light Alloy 23.2mm Insertion 34.0 +0.1 -0/ 12.5mm depth
Crown Cone SS41 Steel 4.5mm Insertion 30.0 +0 -0.1
Cartridge Bearing x 2 SUJ2 Steel #1508 41/30.2/6.3
Lower Seal Ring Nylon Plastic 1.0mm