Integrated Headset for Cr-Mo headtube

Integrated headset specially designed for use in Cr-Mo frames

Eliminates the need to have the headtube machined allows for custom height to be determined by the frame builder.

CNC machined light alloy top cover and compression ring, and Cr-Mo cups

Tange Seiki original sized 4T5 Cartridge Bearing upper

Fully Sealed Mechanism

Technical Information

  Material   Height Information
Top Cover A6061-T6 Light Alloy 6.7mm ID 25.5mm / Pre-assembled Seal rings for water proof
Compression ring A6061-T6 Light Alloy 5.0mm ID 25.4mm
Upper Adapter SUC415 Steel 9.4mm OD 38.4mm Cr-Mo Head tube for welding
Lower Adapter SUC415 Steel 12.6mm OD 38.4mm Cr-Mo Head tube for welding
Crown Cone SS41 Steel 3.7mm Insertion 26.4 +0 -0.1
Cartridge Bearing x 2 SUJ2 Steel #1501 38.1/27.2/6.3
Lower Seal Ring Nylon Plastic 0.7mm  
Head Tube Cr-Mo tube     OD 38 ID 36.2 any length