Vantage IS29

Lightweight and strong duraluminum alloy construction

Larger sized Cartridge Beraings for durability

Fully Sealed Mechanism

Technical Information

  Material   Height Information
Top Lock Nut A6061-T6 Light Alloy 29.5mm BC1-1/8"x26TPI/ 17mm Threading/ 4 flats 36.00mm +0 -0.2 width
Key Washer SPCC Steel 3.0mm Key washer for 3mm slot on fork
Adjusting Cone A6061-T6 Light Alloy 10.7mm BC1-1/8"x26TPI/ 8.2mm Threading/ 2 flats 36.00mm +0 -0.2 width
Crown Cone A6061-T6 Light Alloy 9.3mm nsertion 30.0 +0 -0.1/ Pre-assembled Cartridge Bearing and Seal Ring
Cartridge Bearing x 2 SUJ2 Steel #1528 44.8/31.46.3